Adrian Jalaludin

Adrian Jalaluldin

  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: -
  • Ethnicity: Malaysian
  • Language: English/Malay

Adrian Jalaludin has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, with 10 of those years as a TV Host specializing in sports, travel, talk shows and children shows. Adrian got his big break as a host in 2007 when he co-hosted the 'Champions Youth Cup' (Football) for Astro Supersport. His journey into becoming an accomplished sports host continued when he hosted 'motorsports@petronas' in 2008, which saw him travelling across Europe following the BMW F1 Sauber Team. It was also in the same year Adrian decided to venture into hosting travel shows. He helmed the highly acclaimed travel show 'Breakfast on the Move' for RTM 2 for three seasons.

After sometime in Malaysia, Adrian decided to expand his talents elsewhere while continuing to host shows such as a youth talk show – 'Cube' – for NTV7 and an internet travel show –, in Malaysia. In Singapore Adrian continued to extend his reputation as a reputable presenter, presenting the 'National School Games' for StarHub for two seasons as well as a children's game show called 'Brain Juice' for Mediacorps OKTO channel.

After a period of time in Singapore and establishing himself in the industry, Adrian was offered a position in Astro Super Sport. His stay at Astro Super Sport saw Adrian co-host a football game show called 'Football Overload', help launch a football talk show 'Bola@Mamak' and hosted the second highest rated show in Astro Super Sport – 'Eurozone'. He also covered the 'Copa America' live from the Astro Super Sport studio. Even though Adrian had his hands busy with hosting four shows for Astro Super Sport, he still found time to continue developing his reputation as a travel host. He was chosen by NTV7 to host 'Tea Tracker', a show that saw him journey through numerous countries across Asia to understand the many ways people interact with tea, and the historical and cultural values surrounding tea drinking. After production on 'Tea Tracker' wrapped, he decided to take a 'mini break' by his standards and reported live updates on the 2012 European Football Championships as well as the 2012 Olympics for NTV7.

Adrian was later offered to host in Singapore a childrens infotainment/documentary show – 'The Badge - for MediaCorps OKTO and a Basketball programme called 'NBA 3X' for Starhub in conjuction with the National Basketball Association. Soon after he presented in Malaysia a live multi sport show, the 20th Commonwealth Games Glasgow Scotland. Subsequently, Adrian helmed another show in Singapore for OKTO entitled 'Dont Trash That'. In early 2015, he was contacted by Singtel to be an on-site reporter for the 28th Sea Games which were held in Singapore. Adrian ended 2016 on a high note after wrapping 'Super Seniors', a sports and infotainment show, which he hosted that garnered a large viewership. The show aired on StarHubs 'Hub Sports Arena'.

During his 10 years as a TV Host, Adrian has been showered with acclaims and awards. Winning Singapore's Most Gorgeous Male award for Female Magazine in 2009 and the most prestigious to date - being nominated for three shows in 2011 at the 'Asian Television Awards'. It was the first time in 'Asian Television Award' history a TV Host had three of his shows nominated in the same year and from two different countries, with two shows from Malaysia and one from Singapore. He was also an associate producer on two of BBC's 'One Square Mile' series filmed in Malaysia. His interest to produce continues and is looking forward to producing and hosting his own productions in 2017. Though predominantly a TV Host, Adrian has also a rich background in live hosting/emceeing with several well known companies seeking his services, such as Puma, Air Asia and Courts Malaysia. 2017 brings with it a new adventure and a chance for Adrian to further his career.